“Denial is the basic psychopathology of addiction.”

Addiction is an often misunderstood illness. The first step to alcohol recovery, or other addictive illnesses, is for the patient to be correctly diagnosed and to accept the diagnosis. These totalhealth articles contain the essential information for anyone suffering from alcoholism and other addictive tendencies as well as their friends and family members. The articles, written by an addiction specialist, describe the treatment for addiction adopted now by millions of patients who have found that education is the essential element of their own recovery and explains the definition of addiction.

As Dr Robert Lefever beautifully describes, alcohol can be viewed simply as an inappropriate form of self-medication. The successful treatment methods explained here are not passive. A successful outcome is entirely dependent on the patient being prepared to understand the nature of their illness and take certain steps for themselves. This is not easy because, as Dr Lefever says: “Those with a problem are also those who are most determined to prove that they do not”.

These articles have the potential to bring fresh hope for literally millions of people affected by alcohol and other addictive substances, processes and behaviours.