Jef Mullins


Biography and Experience

Jef Mullins is the former Head of Training and Development at The Mind Campus at Withersdane Hall, part of PROMIS Clinics rehabilitation and is now CEO of international behavioural health treatment centres in London, Kerala and Florida.
Prior to PROMIS, Jef was the Treatment Director for Europe's largest private provider of addiction treatment at TTP. However, Jef has also combined his therapeutic approach with teaching and was Director of the Weston Arts Festival and Programme Director for a language school in Spain. He has double diplomas in Psychodynamic Counselling from the Westminster Pastoral Foundation and the University of Hertfordshire and holds a BA honours degree in Applied Linguistics and the History of Ideas. 

Personal Interests

Jef is passionate about the synergy between treatment, education and employability and stresses the importance of incorporating forward-facing goals and aspirations into the treatment approaches for Behavioural Health Disorders as well as the importance of achieving excellence in the support and management of staff, reporting systems and safe, professional practice within mental health settings.
Jef enjoys traveling with his wife, Christine and spending time with his bulldog Poppy, and is especially happy when teaching anything to anybody. He works hard but would do it all for nothing and is probably most proud that he was shortlisted for the Queen's Award for Voluntary Services to the community for his work with the children's drama charity, Identity Community Arts Trust (CAT).