Dr Amarjit Raindi

Dr Amarjit Raindi is a highly experienced General Practitioner working in the NHS and as Medical Director of the The GP Clinic London, on Wimpole Street. Amarjit is also the Medical Director of Total Health (Primary Care).

A graduate of Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ Medical School, Dr Raindi holds a postgraduate diploma in dermatology. He worked as a senior house officer in general medicine and paediatrics before embarking on his GP training.

Dr Amarjit Raindi at The Royal Society of MedicineDr Raindi (pictured at The Royal Society of Medicine) has experience in various specialities including obstetrics and gynaecology, psychiatry and public health medicine. He has a keen interest in teaching and is a GP tutor and examiner for medical students at UCL.

He has a particular interest in the diagnosis and treatment of acute medical conditions and has gained extensive on call experience in both the NHS and private sector. He also puts an important emphasis on health screening and preventative medicine.

Dr Raindi strongly believes in communicating effectively with his patients and actively involving patients in a personalised management plan.

Arranging a consultant referral

For insured patients the private medical insurance companies will usually request that a General Practitioner (GP) letter is attached to the request for a medical referral, and it is normal practice for a GP to manage referrals to specialists. If you do not have a GP referral and think that you need one, please click here.

"In a world where there is ever increasing specialisation, I am passionate about being a generalist, providing truly holistic medical care and actively involving patients in a personalised management plan."