Dr Robert Lefever

Dr Robert Lefever established the very first addiction rehabilitation centre in the UK offering treatment to patients with eating disorders, alcohol or drug problems. He was also the first to treat compulsive gambling, nicotine addiction and workaholism. He is regarded as one of the leading addiction specialists and experts in the treatment of addictive diseases and is a regular contributor to the BBC.

He identified "Compulsive Helping", when people do too much for others and too little for themselves, as an addictive behaviour and has pioneered its treatment.

Dr Lefever has worked with over 8,000 addicts and their families in the last thirty years and, until recently, ran a busy private medical practice in South Kensington (PROMIS Recovery Centre). He now uses his considerable experience to provide intensive private one-to-one care for individuals and their families.

He has written a number of books on the subject of depressive illness and addictive behaviour.

Describing his own nature he once said:

When I was in the army, in The Royal Signals. for two years of National Service, I learned how to shoot a rifle on the commands “Ready!... Aim!... Fire!... “. As an addict, I do “Fire!... Aim!... Ready!...”.

He went onto say (during Coronavirus lockdown), "They tried to make me conform. Enthusiasts don’t know how to do that. We rebel. I still do."

A quote: 

Apart from sheep, young children are the most attentive audience