Radiosurgery, neuromodulation and the latest brain treatments

A team of leading London brain experts have teamed up to pool their senior expertise by writing about the latest treatments related to conditions in the brain such as trigeminal neuralgia and meningiomas. The new technology means that previously inoperable conditions, or malfunctions such as arterio-venous malformations that would normally require access through the skull are now routinely treated without the need for a drill or scalpel using non-invasive precision radiology.

Of course, non-invasive treatments are not always possible, but it is important to know that all options are explored and this is the beauty of the multi-disciplinary team. Accessing a multi-disciplinary team, however, is not always easy for a patient, especially finding a team that is happy to include radiological as well as surgical techniques. The pool of expertise created by bringing together the leading experts from London's medical schools onto totalhealth is an important step forward. These senior consultants include Mr Ian Sabin, Mr Keyoumars Ashkan and Mr Ranjeev Bhangoo.

For information on the treatments provided by these consultants, such as Gamma Knife® and neuromodulation for example, please click here.

Pain caused by irritation of or damage to a nerve. Full medical glossary
Any test or technique that does not involve penetration of the skin. The term 'non-invasive' may also describe tumours that do not invade surrounding tissues. Full medical glossary
Relating to the veins. Full medical glossary