Neurosurgery (including Gamma Knife)

There have been remarkable recent improvements across many medical disciplines, and neurosurgery is no exception. The first approach for any patient, especially when the brain and nerves are involved should be to start with the least invasive options first and only move forward to neurosurgery if required. 

There are often a number of different specialists who may be appropriate, and it is important to include the views of every specialist, the multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach should always be the preferred route. For the brain and spine, the team should include more than one neurosurgeon and other related specialists such as radiologists, oncologists and physiotherapists. Also, it is not always just the views of the patient that should be taken into consideration; their family are also part of the team as any treatment decisions must recognise that their wishes count. Finally, it is ideal for super-specialists to be sought in that particular area of neurosurgery.

Within this context, this section explains and discusses the different types of modern neurosurgical treatments available.

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