The End of Uncomfortable Crutches

Patients are slowly beginning to find that there is no longer a need to grin and bear the pain of finding themselves on crutches i.e. “crutch hand”. There is a solution and the internet can help to unite these patients with the right product, but sometimes it does require a bit of searching. The parent of one such patient, Karin Rogers on finally discovering the C9 product wrote in to describe her delight and to offer help for others.

So many types of crutches

Karin said, “The C9's have been great for my son who recently had an operation on his foot.  He has had several operations in the past and is likely to have more in the future due to a muscle wastage condition we both have.  Uncomfortable crutches are a real pain and can so limit your life when you have to use them but the C9's have made the last few weeks a little easier.  I discovered C9's through searching and searching and searching on the internet!!  They were not easy to find at all as most searches brought up the American sites which had the under arm crutch covers on, perhaps you could improve your search engine possibilities? Thanks for a great product!”

In reply, C9 Managing Director, Chis Slack said: “Thank you for the feedback. The real problem we are having is getting enough publicity so that people know there is a product to look for in the first place. Part of the problem is that you don’t realise how badly needed they are until it happens to you”.

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A painful condition of the hands resulting from the use of crutches Full medical glossary
Tissue made up of cells that can contract to bring about movement. Full medical glossary