Dr Stephanie Kaye-Barrett

Dr Stephanie Kaye-Barrett is a Consultant Rheumatologist with experience in treating a wide range of conditions including osteoporosis, pain due to degenerative and inflammatory arthritis, soft tissue rheumatism (including frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, trochanteric bursitis and tendonitis), gout, together with lower back pain, neck pain and work related upper limb pain. She runs a “one-stop” Osteoporosis Clinic and advises on the prevention, detection and treatment of osteoporosis including specialist injections that work by increasing bone strength and density. She also specialises in the new biological therapies for treating Rheumatoid Arthritis and in particular persistent inflammatory arthritis of the knee.

Expert in treating rheumatoid arthritis

Dr Kaye-Barrett believes firmly in person-centred, holistic care. Within her rheumatology practice she liaises closely with other allied medical professionals such as physiotherapists, podiatrists, nutritionists, cranial osteopaths and acupuncturists in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for her patients. Discovering the most effective pain treatment for her patients is a priority, and she works alongside other specialists - including spinal surgeons, pain specialists and interventional radiologists.

Personal treatment philosophy:

"Everyone is different and this is particularly the case when it comes to treating rheumatic disease. I strive to ensure that my patients receive a tailored and integrated package of care that maximises wellbeing and enables them to be and feel as well as possible."