Heart of gold

The heart commands a special and powerful significance in our culture. In ancient times the heart was considered to be the basis of life itself, the seat of thought, reason and emotion. Shakespeare coined phrases about the heart that we still use today and the idea that our feelings and imagination emanate from the heart is deeply ingrained.

The importance of heart health has also been accepted for hundreds of years and we are of course now very familiar with the bio-mechanical structure and workings of the heart. Sitting within the chest cavity between the lungs the heart is essentially a muscle that functions as a really powerful pump. Yet unlike other muscles the heart can continue beating without tiring. It is staggering to think that in a lifetime this can equate to more than one billion beats.

Now, in a new and engaging feature some of the UK’s leading heart specialists explain how they came to be fascinated by the heart and discuss how the treatment of heart conditions continues to develop and evolve.

See - The Cardiologist's Own View

by Dr Oliver Segal, Dr Julian Collinson, Dr Narbeh Melikian, Dr Mark Mason, Dr David Brull, and Mr Inderpaul Birdi