Mr Inderpaul Birdi, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon

Mr Inderpaul Birdi is a Consultant Cardiac Surgeon. He qualified from the University of Nottingham and then trained in all types of adult cardiothoracic surgery at the world-acclaimed Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge. His areas of expertise include keyhole heart surgery, mitral and aortic valveA structure that allows fluid to flow in one direction only, preventing backflow. repair, beating heart coronaryRelating to the arteries supplying the heart itself. surgery, and atrial fibrillationA common abnormal heart rhythm causing a rapid, irregular pulse and failure of the upper chambers of the heart (atria) to pump properly. Abbreviated to AF. ablation techniques.

Mr Birdi is recognised internationally as a leader in the highly complex area of Keyhole Heart Surgery and he has trained surgeons from all over the world. He successfully performed the first keyhole procedures in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on a charitable basis. In order to increase accessibility to the benefits of Keyhole Heart Surgery, he developed The Keyhole Heart Clinic in collaboration with The Harley Street Clinic, in London.

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    Keyhole heart surgery

    In this video Consultant Heart Surgeon, Mr Inderpaul Birdi, explains how the keyhole heart surgery procedure is carried out. Former patients describe their symptoms and the treatments they received from initial consultation through to surgery and post-operative follow-ups. Mr Birdi goes on to describe how the surgery is carried out and what keyhole heart surgery entails.

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