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23 July 2014 | Last updated 4 hours, 58 minutes ago.
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UK's Heart Experts - A Personal Approach to Treating Heart Conditions

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Dr Oliver Segal, Consultant Cardiologist explains the importance of cardiac electrophysiologyCaring for patients with heart rhythm disorders, palpitations, blackouts and patients potentially at high risk of dying suddenly due to cardiac arrest. and how technology combined with effective treatments now provide a cure for many patients.

One of the major recent discoveries in drug development may not even be known by most people. We now have access to a number of drugs which are replacing warfarinAn anti-coagulant drug used to treat and prevent abnormal blood clotting. for the first time in 50 years for the prevention of strokeAny sudden neurological problem caused by a bleed or a clot in a blood vessel.

UK research scientists will be granted access to drug compounds under a new agreement with leading pharma companies.

A pioneering technique to test the effects of new drugs on the heart by using samples of beating heart tissueA group of cells with a similar structure and a specialised function. developed by UK scientist.

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Senior Ophthalmologists advise on latest treatments for Cataracts

Cataracts - where cloudy patches develop over the front of the eye causing blurred vision, are associated with advancing age and are estimated to affect over half of people older than 65 years. In most patients both eyes will need correcting and the preferred method in most cases is Immediate Sequential Bilateral Cataract Surgery or ISBCS as everything can be fixed by a single visit to the operating theatre and the whole episode of visualRelating to the sense of sight (vision). rehabilitationThe treatment of a person with an illness or disability to improve their function and health. is much shorter. Surgery for cataracts has improved steadily over the past few decades and it has become the most common surgical procedure in the UK.

Expert Cataract Information:


Heart Rhythm Disorders

Heart Rhythm Disorders, or cardiacRelating to the heart arrhythmias, are caused by your heart beating irregularly. This can cause symptoms of palpitationsThe feeling when you become aware of your heartbeat - when frightened, for example. (a sense that the heart is beating abnormally and uncomfortably), breathlessness, occasionally chest pains, dizziness and even blackouts, although some patients may not be aware of having an arrhythmiaAny form of disturbance to the heart's normal regular beat. Most forms of heart rhythm disorders are now well understood and effective treatments can be offered for both benignNot dangerous, usually applied to a tumour that is not malignant. and serious disorders. The different classifications and treatments for arrhythmias are covered by leading heart specialists in this section.


There are a number of different problems that can affect the foot, from bunions to heel pain to sporting injuries.This section by the relevant medical experts discusses a range of the latest treatment options.

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Hip conditions

The information in this section has been written exclusively by senior Orthopaedic Consultants who specialise in hip replacement surgery. They explain the range of implants and procedures that are available for hip replacement and their own personal surgical approach.

Orthopaedic Surgeons specialising in Hip Replacement, discuss "My Choice of Hip Replacement":

The heart commands a special and powerful significance in our cultureThe growth within a laboratory of microbes, organisms too small to be seen with the naked eye. and the idea that our feelings and imagination emanate from the heart is deeply ingrained. In a new and engaging feature some of the UK’s leading heart specialists explain how they came to be fascinated by the heart and they discuss how the treatment of heart conditions continues to develop and evolve.

The latest medical web applications only work when they focus on the needs of the developing and evolving global digital patient. The medical need is usually characterised by the 'diagnosisThe process of determining which condition a patient may have.', but this is just the starting point for effectively connecting health.

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