Central London detox clinic

Looking to detox from alcohol and drugs? Perhaps you want to sort out behavioural addictions, such as gambling or gaming?

Whatever addiction you are suffering from, getting help from the best addiction doctors and therapists will maximise your chances of recovery.

Visiting a central London detox will give ease and convenience.

Choosing a luxury detox clinic in London

Serena House, an addictions and detox clinic in central London offers luxurious accommodation, the highest level of cuisine and the most qualified, experienced and caring addiction experts in the UK.

What does a detox clinic treat?

Addiction detox clinics like Serena House treat the following:

What Serena House offers

  • Round-the-clock nursing. You will receive a high-level of nursing care
  • Counselling and therapy. You will have one-to one sessions with leading therapists and doctors in the field of addiction
  • Group therapy. Learn to relate to others in a group setting and discover valuable personal insights
  • Private rooms with ensuite. Detox can be stressful – at Serena House your room is a retreat and a haven. Fully equipped with a private bathroom and a TV
  • Communal space. You are welcome to spend time in the comfortable communal living area, where you get to bond with others going similar experiences
  • Detox dining. Prepared by a chef who has previously worked in the most exclusive London restaurants, including the kitchen of Mark Hix. The menu has been designed by Clinical Nutritionist Stephanie Moore - one of Vogue's faces of wellness
  • Stress reduction techniques. You will receive training in EMDR trauma therapy and mindfulness
  • Sober companions. The Health Care Assistants at Serena House will care for you every step of the way. Some of them have personal experience of addiction
  • Luxury spa. Serena House can arrange for those in recovery to spend time at a 5-star hotel in the pool and spa
  • Mindful walking. With some of London’s most beautiful parks right on Serena House those in recovery can enjoy the best of what London as to offer
  • Ongoing support. Once the detox is completed, the staff at Serena House can continue to offer therapy and support
  • Nutrition therapy

Why Serena House is the best choice for detox

At Serena House, patients feel looked after under the watchful eye of a dedicated and caring team. The specially trained staff at Serena House are on hand to offer support 24-hours a day, and can cater for emotional needs as well as ensuring that any side-effects of withdrawal do not pose a threat to health.

Those in recovery can begin their journeys to wellness, with all the support required. They won’t have to worry about their comfort and care, because they will enjoy all of the benefits of staying in an upscale hotel, with access to the highest calibre of medical care.

Sometimes those in recovery have to choose between a comfortable environment versus clinical care.

At Serena House, you have luxury, access to holistic therapies as well as having your psychiatric and medical needs met all under one roof.  

Call to book an appointment or talk in confidence to one of our counsellors on 020 3582 4288 or visit serenahouse.com

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