Apos Therapy - a new treatment for knee pain that works by changing the way you walk

AposTherapy – a new treatment for knee pain that works by changing the way you walk

Most of us think that knee pain is just another inevitable part of aging but the picture is not that simple. Although osteoarthritis, which is the most common cause of knee pain, is often referred to as a “wear and tear” condition it develops as a result of abnormality in the biomechanics of the body. All parts of the body are connected so that a force that is acting on one part will affect the rest in some way and this means that there is a mechanical cause and effect relationship to the way that bones and muscles move. In this way, the development and progression of knee osteoarthritis, together with the associated knee pain, can stem simply from the way that we walk and this can be the influenced by many factors.

Until recently the usual conservative options for knee pain resulting from osteoarthritis have been based on anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy and if these are not successful the only other option has been surgery. However, there is now a non-surgical treatment option, AposTherapy, which is based on understanding and addressing the central and fundamental role that biomechanics play in the way that osteoarthritis of the knee develops and that works by analysing and correcting the way that a sufferer walks.

AposTherapy, which stands for All Phases of Step Cycle, has been developed by orthopaedic specialists and is founded on established scientific biomechanical principles. Employing unique Walkright footwear, it works by redistributing weight and re-training muscles to adopt an optimal walking pattern, which in turn results in lasting pain relief and increased mobility.


Following a detailed computerised gait assessment the footwear is individually calibrated with attachments (called Pertupods) that are fixed to the soles of the Walkright boots. These adjust the way that the foot makes contact with the floor to alter and redistribute the loads in the knee. The treatment off-loads pressure from the affected or damaged area in the knee and puts it instead on an area that can bear the load without causing any pain. In addition, the footwear introduces mild instability underfoot that helps to “re-train” and strengthen the muscles and systems around the joint. In this way joint function is improved resulting in long-term relief from knee pain. A programme of on-going clinical assessment to enable the footwear to be adjusted as walking pattern changes over time completes the therapy.

AposTherapy has been shown by clinical studies to deliver long-lasting pain relief and to improve function, mobility and quality of life. More than 40,000 patients to date have benefited from the treatment worldwide.