Ms Lauren Taylor

Resident at:

Ms Lauren Taylor qualified with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Physiotherapy from Coventry University. She has since gone on to complete advanced courses in AposTherapy.

Whilst working as a musculoskeletal outpatient physiotherapist, Ms Taylor encountered numerous patients of a variety of ages with osteoarthritis, either due to age-related changes or earlier onset cases following sports injuries. She found the limitations of treatment due to the nature of the condition very frustrating and was eager to explore a treatment methodology that would help to prevent further joint deterioration and, most importantly, enable the patients to continue with their daily activities with less pain.

The desire to find an effective treatment to assist patients with osteoarthritis led Ms Taylor to discover AposTherapy. She has now been working in the private sector with AposTherapy for over three years. During this time Ms Taylor has been involved in the opening of three clinics and a clinical trial and currently works in the AposTherapy Clinic in the West End of London and heads the clinical services of the AposTherapy remote clinics. Ms Taylor has provided training courses in AposTherapy and has personally treated approximately 700 patients using the AposTherapy approach.

As a physiotherapist, Ms Taylor aims to maintain a holistic approach and looks to empower patients through education enabling them to make informed decisions regarding the optimal treatment to suit their clinical needs and personal goals.