Treating addictive illness in London

There are almost as many differing approaches towards the understanding of treating addiction as there are counsellors or doctors.

In an article titled Diagnosing and Treating Addictive Illness Dr Robert Lefever of the PROMIS Unit of Primary Care in London gets to the nub of the mental ‘taboo’ that is associated with addiction. Dr Lefever told totalhealth's Director, Bob Davidson; “…I think you will understand that I found it impossible to follow your standard remit.  I have tried to show that there is so much disagreement (each individual having his or her own determined opinions) that specifying particular approaches could never be comprehensive.  Correspondingly, I have avoided mentioning specific institutions (other than PROMIS) because there are so many dimensions even between doctors who purport to have similar approaches.  As I said in the article, addiction isn’t diabetes.  It does not lend itself to study upon clearly agreed principles”.

A disorder caused by insufficient or absent production of the hormone insulin by the pancreas, or because the tissues are resistant to the effects. Full medical glossary
The raising of the body temperature above norma, which may be accompanied by symptoms such as shivering, headache and sweating. Full medical glossary
Myocardial infarction. Death of a segment of heart muscle, which follows interruption of its blood supply. Full medical glossary
Abbreviation for minimally invasive surgery, a type of surgery that aims to limit the amount of trauma to the patient; for example, keyhole surgery. Full medical glossary
otitis media Full medical glossary