Queen Square Hospital helping to get daily medical supplies to Ukrainians

The Queen Square Radiosurgery Centre part of Amethyst Radiotherapy are backing the WeHelpUkrainians campaign with daily deliveries of medical supplies from London.

Amethyst supporting WeHelpUkrainians to deliver

WeHelpUkrainians (WHU) is a non-profit organisation launched in February 2022 to deliver life-saving humanitarian aid to victims of the war in Ukraine. WHU are involving dozens of dedicated volunteers and have earned the trust and support of individuals and businesses. Their Kensington collection point accepts online deliveries and personal donations and has easy access to transport and loading.

WHU are delivering:

  • Medical supplies
  • Long shelf-life food
  • Baby food and formula
  • Sanitary products for adults and children
  • Pet food
  • Bedding

Getting essential supplies close to the front line

It costs around £1,600 to send a van (petrol price might vary), in 4 weeks they have coordinated and sent over 52 deliveries of humanitarian aid to critical regions in Ukraine. They have delivered over 100 tonnes or 15,000 boxes of essential supplies to over 13,000 people.

Stefan Doroszkowski, Managing Director, Amethyst UK says that over the last few weeks Amethyst have successfully delivered their first medical supplies, "as requested by our contacts in Ukraine" into the Bila Zerkva District Hospital south of Kiev.

Stefan says, "We were able to achieve this by working closely with London’s Ukrainian Cultural Centre (UKC) who have now formalised their humanitarian aid supply chain into Ukraine".  

Amethyst has created a “Go-Fund-Me” page to enable ongoing fundraising to support our continued medical deliveries into Ukraine. Our next medical supply aims to target a Hospital in Eastern Ukraine nearer the current frontline.  

For anyone who would like to get more involved, Stefan points out the following key points:

  1. Amethyst is able to deliver medical supplies and reclaim the VAT charged on medicines; the cost of which is then channelled back into purchasing and delivering more medicines.
  2. By working with WHU we are also able to ensure fast, low cost transportation directly into frontline medical facilities (please note WHU are running daily convoys into Ukraine served by a highly committed volunteer work-force).
  3. We use WHU to confirm directly with medical facilities in Ukraine, what their exact medical needs are; upon which we then purchase for them in accordance with their request. We then deliver the supplies to WHU at their London hub, who run daily aid conveys into Ukraine (with our medical supplies included).

Stefan Doroszkowski says, "Amethyst is working in the most cost and logistically efficient way to ensure direct, fast and cost effective supply of urgent medical aid. We would be so grateful if you could kindly contribute (in whatever way you can) via the below Amethyst Go-Fund-Me page. We will provide regular progress reports on deliveries so that you can be sure not a penny is wasted and all aid gets to the frontline directly with speed".    

"Thank you so much for your support."

About WHU

We use various secure delivery options: vans, trains, and ferries. Our coordinators supervise each step of the delivery to provide the fastest and most effective transportation available directly to recipients.

Our vans reach the Ukrainian border and transfer the aid to our Ukrainian partners’ vans. In a very short period, we have managed to set up a secure and reliable delivery network across all of Ukraine.

We also deliver part of our aid by vans to Warsaw and Przemyśl in Poland, from which it is transported by train to dozens of cities in Ukraine. We carefully monitor these deliveries with the support of a reliable network of volunteers and railway authorities. Once the train reaches its destination, our volunteers take delivery at the railway station and transport it by vans directly to the final destination.

We also have a storage facility in Rzeszów (Poland) to store our deliveries in case Ukrainian vans are delayed. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information Politics of Ukraine we can use ‘green corridors’ for the deliveries which makes the logistics easier and more secure.

WHU is a UK-registered charity and is seeking to raise £2,270,000 to support the Lviv Territorial Medical Union.

The London Hub is seeking to meet aid delivery requests costing £5,000 per day that can support over 250 vulnerable men women and children each day.

Please click here to request an information pack on WHU, or email info@totalhealth.co.uk - please include subject line; medical supplies to the Ukraine.

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