Peroneal Tendon Injuries to the Ankle often missed says Expert Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Mr Amit Amin Expert Consultant Foot and Ankle Surgeon from St George's Hospital says, "Injuries can range from tears in the tendons themselves to damage of the supporting structures, which can make the tendons unstable. Peroneal tendon injuries are often missed on initial evaluation". He therefore recommends that if you have ongoing pain following a twisted ankle you should seek the help of a Consultant Foot and Ankle Surgeon.

Direction of Toe Point and Prone Ankles

Some groups of people are particularly prone to peroneal tendon injuries. In particular people with high arches also tend to have toes that point inward and this increases the risk of the ankle rolling over. However, the increased stress on certain parts of the ankle can also cause damage over longer periods of time.

When is Surgery or a Tendon Graft Required?

When non-surgical measures fail and symptoms continue to get worse surgery may be needed. Depending on the extent of the tear to the peroneal tendon, repair may or may not be possible. In these cases, the diseased portion of the tendon needs to be removed and the remaining tendon then secured to the neighbouring tendon provided that this is healthy. Sometimes a tendon graft or transfer may need to be performed, although this is fairly rare.

For full details please see Peroneal Tendon Injuries

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