London's leading women's health expert explains gynaecological health issues

Women's health is complex and requires a level of expertise surpassing many other areas of medicine. There are many potential causes of lower abdominal pain and so a correct diagnosis is always going to be fundamental to choice of any subsequent procedure. The very complexity and sometimes the embarrassment can put women off from fully understanding the issues, and this can prevent them from seeking help. In response to this, one of  totalhealth's most highly regarded gynaecologists, Mr Adrian Lower has spent some considerable time preparing a series of articles - supported by images and video that fully explain all the latest diagnostic methods with treatment options - in plain English!

This is essential reading and viewing for any woman who wants to take a proactive interest in her health to ensure that she receives the best possible care.

These plain English articles will be of particular interest for women concerned about the following:

  • Uterine fibroids
  • Intrauterine adhesions (Asherman's Syndrome)
  • Infertility
  • Peritoneal adhesions
Relating to the abdomen, which is the region of the body between the chest and the pelvis. Full medical glossary
An abnormal connection between two surfaces of the body. Full medical glossary
The process of determining which condition a patient may have. Full medical glossary
A benign tumour, most often in the uterus. Full medical glossary
Benign tumours, most often in the uterus. Full medical glossary