Mr Adrian Lower

Adrian Lower is a Consultant Gynaecologist who specialises in Uterine Fibroids based in London. You will find his biography below plus links to several articles on fibroids issues. You may find the articles helpful if you are worried about or have been diagnosed with fibroids.

Mr Lower sees private patients at his clinic in The Princess Grace Hospital. If you have a question or would like to arrange an appointment contact Adrian Lower.

Mr Adrian Lower works exclusively in the independent sector in the Harley St area of London. He is the Founder and Medical Director of The London Fibroid Clinic and has recently established the Women’s Health Partnership Ltd at the Princess Grace Hospital, London to promote individualised patient care. He has been listed as one of the United Kingdom’s top 150 private doctors in Tatler Magazine since 2005. He is one of only two doctors in the UK to receive the top grade recommendations on the Asherman’s Syndrome website. 

Specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery

Mr Lower has a strong interest in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, preferring to correct anatomical abnormalities allowing women to conceive naturally wherever possible, but he also has subspecialist training allowing him to offer assisted conception when nature fails. In 1999 he founded the Isis Fertility Centre where he was Medical Director for 8 years and now works as a satellite consultant to the Centre for Reproductive Medicine in London. In addition, he is internationally recognised as a Minimal Access Surgeon for general gynaecological issues where fertility is not necessarily the primary concern.

Gynaecological Surgery

He is widely published in peer-reviewed journals and acts as a reviewer himself. He has contributed to a number of major textbooks of Gynaecological Surgery. In addition, he is frequently invited to teach master classes in his areas of surgical specialty as well as to speak at international scientific meetings on his chosen areas of research.

Mr Lower has worked extensively in the field of Reproductive Medicine since 1988. He assisted in setting up the Fertility Clinic at the Royal London Hospital, which has subsequently moved to St Bartholomew's Hospital. He was involved in full-time research at The Royal London Hospital and the PIVET Medical Centre in Perth, Western Australia, before returning to London in 1991, when he was appointed as a Lecturer in Obstetrics & Gynaecology at The London Hospital Medical College, where he commenced Subspecialty Training in Reproductive Medicine in 1993. He was appointed as a consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at The Royal London and St Bartholomew’s Hospitals in 1995.

Specialist in Uterine Fibroids

His main areas of interest are uterine fibroids, intrauterine adhesions (Asherman’s Syndrome) and the epidemiology, prevention and treatment of peritoneal adhesions. 

Mr Lower’s philosophy is very much linked with individualising patient care, involving his patients in the decision-making process regarding their care and responding to their own needs and demands as appropriate.

Specialist in Asherman's Syndrome