New range of easy-to-use products for Arthritis Care Week 2012

Arthritis Care Week 2012 is this week and will coincide the with launch of a new report, OA Nation 2012, a survey of people suffering from osteoarthritis who have described how the condition affects their lives. Osteoarthritis (OA) causes stiffness and pains within joints making it difficult to walk, bend and use the fingers depending on where in the body the arthritis is. In order to alleviate these difficulties, a number of products are on the market which aim to help people complete previously simple tasks.

PETA UK are one of the manufacturers and designers of ergonomic tools designed to aid and assist people suffering from arthritis or reduced grip strength. The tools aim to help users live life to the full and carry out all the tasks they used to before the arthritis made it too difficult. Products include an Easi-Grip Carving Knife and Easi-Grip Trowel for cooks and gardeners amongst many others.

As there is no cure for arthritis, easy-to-use products such as these are increasingly popular amongst sufferers and treatments similarly focus on reducing the disability and helping people to life as active a life as possible. Treatments include joint replacement surgery, anaesthetic or steroid injections, anti-inflammatory drugs and special orthopaedic footwear.

A medication that reduces sensation. Full medical glossary
Any drug that suppresses inflammation Full medical glossary
Inflammation of one or more joints of the body. Full medical glossary
Abbreviation for Eustachian tube. Full medical glossary
osteoarthritis Full medical glossary
A disease mainly of the large joints of the body, as a result of wear and tear of the surface cartilage. Full medical glossary
pulmonary embolism Full medical glossary