Dr Nigel Kellow

Dr Nigel Kellow, Pain Specialist

Dr Kellow was appointed as a consultant at Barts NHS Trust. He is one of London’s foremost consultants specialising in the management of painful spinal and neurological problems. He has performed tens of thousands of procedures ranging from spinal injections to spinal cord stimulation and is sought after by patients and their consultants who are keen to avoid surgery and those who still have problems in spite of surgery. Many of his patients come as recommendations from their friends or family but most come as referrals from GPs, physiotherapists, spinal and neurosurgeons. 

His particular clinical interests are: sciatica and other nerve entrapment syndromes; spinal cord stimulation / neuromodulation; spinal stenosis; peripheral nerve injuries; complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS); mechanical back and neck pain; spinal injections; radiofrequency procedures.  

Personal treatment philosophy:

The patients I see are often complex, with a number of problems at the same time. I get enormous satisfaction from being able to unpick these problems and implement a management plan that tackles each of them in order to help the patient get better.