Government consults health professionals on youth alcohol consumption guidance

The UK government is giving key stakeholders and partners, including health professionals, the opportunity to shape guidance published this month of alcohol consumption, for parents of under 18s. The consultation is available online. We welcome any initiative from the Government to help tackle the problem of alcohol - especially amongst children - but can't help feel that more could be done.

Robin Lefever from Promis Recovery says:

The strangest thing is the lack of diagnosis of alcoholism. We know that 10% of adults go on to develop alcoholism so it would be entirely reasonable to expect to see the early signs of this in children. Why then is there no early diagnosis? Especially when the consequences are hitting people at younger and younger ages as this article points out? Basically it seems there is still too much of a taboo and too much shame around alcoholism to enable professionals to make a medical diagnosis.

The process of determining which condition a patient may have. Full medical glossary
The raising of the body temperature above norma, which may be accompanied by symptoms such as shivering, headache and sweating. Full medical glossary