Call for Action: British obesity needs to be stopped

The Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, announced yesterday that the UK population must cut 5 billion calories from its daily diet.

What does this mean and what steps will be taken to ensure the wave of obesity in the UK is stopped? The Department of Health is making a ‘Call for Action’ to promote healthy lives and healthy people through simple steps to reduce calorie intake.

England has one of the highest rates of obesity in Europe which is a leading cause of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Whilst more than 60% of adults are obese in the UK, Dr Wendy Wills from the University of Hertfordshire, in related news, will be publishing research on teenage obesity. The research focuses on the ideal diet, weight and health of different families and calls on the government, families and the food industry to make it easier for those from disadvantaged backgrounds to make healthier choices and have more opportunities for physical exercise.

For help on losing weight or leading a healthier life please see Change4Life.

Abnormal, uncontrolled cell division resulting in a malignant tumour that may invade surrounding tissues or spread to distant parts of the body. Full medical glossary
A disorder caused by insufficient or absent production of the hormone insulin by the pancreas, or because the tissues are resistant to the effects. Full medical glossary
An organ with the ability to make and secrete certain fluids. Full medical glossary
Excess accumulation of fat in the body. Full medical glossary