What facial features put you off the most about potential date?

A survey conducted by mydentist ahead of Valentine's Day asked people what would put them off the most from 'swiping right' to fix a date? 

So, let's take a look from the following facial features:

The poll of more than 2,000 UK adults found that stained, uneven or “gappy” teeth in a possible partner were the number one reason they wouldn’t ‘swipe right’ on a dating app or website.

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The perceived imperfection was most important to those in the East Midlands, where 76% of people said they would be less likely to contact someone with visible poor teeth.

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Nationwide, more than two thirds (69%) of people said they would be less likely to get in contact with someone who had stained or “gappy” teeth. That compared to 61% who said facial piercings would

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hold them back from talking to a potential love interest, 59% who would be put off by a poor complexion, and 35% who would be less interested due to an eccentric fashion sense.

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The survey was conducted by {my}dentist, the UK’s largest network of dental practices, which offers affordable private treatments across the country through its brand, {my}options. It advises that while

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stained or “gappy” teeth are not necessarily unhealthy, there are simple fixes for those that want to improve their self-confidence and get the smile they’ve always wanted.

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Dr Nyree Whitley, {my}dentist’s clinical director, said: “The most important thing about a person’s smile is that it is healthy. But it’s also often the first feature people notice about a person, so on dating apps

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where you base the decision to swipe left or right on appearance alone, teeth that are less appealing can often make a big difference.

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“Dentistry has moved on rapidly in recent years and there are lots of quick and painless things we can do to help improve a smile. Assuming teeth are otherwise healthy, we can remove staining with a simple hygiene appointment. Whitening is also an option for improving the look of teeth and we can repair chips and gaps easily by building up teeth with composite material

The best thing you can do is keep up regular check-ups so any underlying issues like periodontal disease that might affect your smile can be diagnosed.

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