Minimalist beauty 'tweakments'

Aesthetic treatments for minimalists: the most popular 'tweakments' to enhance your appearance and wellness

Mini aesthetic treatments or tweakments are having a moment in the UK. According to Dr. Vincent Wong, an aesthetic practitioner based in London, there has been a steady demand for non-invasive beautifying procedures as people became more aware of their appearance. At his practice, he shares that demand has gone up by between 50 to 60 percent since the lockdown ended. "All of these procedures are quick and they look relatively easy," Dr. Wong adds. 

Some of the most popular treatments involve Botox shots, and they're a favourite among people who want to take a minimalist approach to beauty since they require zero downtime. Moreover, they freshen the appearance in a subtle way, so people can hardly tell whether a person have had these treatments or not. If you're looking for a minimalist way to enhance your appearance and wellness, consider these popular, non-invasive tweakments.

Tweakments for younger-looking skin

Skin ageing continues to be a concern for men and women in the UK. Although Botox can help to turn back the hands of time, there's a risk of getting an unnatural, frozen look, especially if the treatment is administered by an untrained aesthetician. This is why needle-free skin firming treatments have become trendy these days, and one can get younger-looking skin with tweakments such as EmFace, which involves using radiofrequency to firm the skin and prevent sagging. There's also Potenza, which combines radiofrequency with microneedling to give the skin a lifted appearance. Meanwhile, cold laser treatments like UltraClear can help to reduce fine lines and discolouration and make your skin look smooth and glowing.

Sexual wellness treatments

A growing number of British women are reportedly opting to have a 'designer vagina' with the help of treatments that can help to enhance the look and function of their sexual organs. Some of the most popular treatments include labiaplasty, which reduces the skin on the side of the vaginal opening, and vaginoplasty, which can help to tighten the vagina. The latter, in particular, doesn't only enhance sexual satisfaction, but it can also help to treat urinary incontinence, which affects majority of women who have given birth. These treatments require going under the knife, which means having to have some downtime right after. 

On the other hand, there are sexual wellness tweakments that don't require surgery, such as an O-shot treatment. This minimally invasive procedure involves using a woman's own growth factors and injecting it into the G-spot area of the vagina with a very fine needle. Not only does it result in increased sex drive and more frequent orgasms, but it also improves the appearance of the vulva, tightens the vagina, and improves urinary incontinence. 

Facial balancing

In order to have well-balanced facial features, some people go under the knife to address imperfections in their jawline, cheekbones, or nose. Surgical treatments like rhinoplasty, buccal fat removal, and jaw surgery may give your face a more contoured look, but these procedures can be risky and may negatively impact your appearance if done incorrectly. Buccal fat removal, in particular, has been the top choice of some female celebrities to get a sculpted look, but experts are warning against it because if it's done while you're in your 20s, it can accelerate facial ageing. Fortunately, facial balancing can help you get a more angular and symmetrical face in a non-invasive way. With this treatment, fillers are strategically injected into certain areas to enhance facial proportions, and results last for about 18 months with only minor touch ups.

Tweakments are perfect for people who want to enhance their looks and overall wellness in a minimalist way. Consider these treatments to look and feel your best without going under the knife.   

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