Uterine Fibroids Patient Engagement

Patients who have recently been diagnosed with uterine fibroids, or who have suffered from fibroids in the past are being asked to get involved by providing their thoughts and attitudes towards the condition, for the benefit of other women.

Although there are a range of excellent treatment options available to women suffering from the impact of fibroids as described on the Total Health website by Consultant Gynaecologists including Mr Ertan Sardogan and Mr Adrian Lower, there is still a need for a more patient-centric approach.

Patient Engagement

Although it is often talked about, all too often lip service is paid to the critical concept of 'patient engagement', and the opportunity for the most important people to have a say in the way in which they are communicated with and treated is missed. The whole medical approach to developing new drugs or surgical methods relies on following a series of mechanistic, phased developments that focusses on a pre-determined set of physical outcomes. Whilst this approach has undeniable merits, it often simply does not go far enough to meeting all the needs that patients may have.

Sharing Information for the Benefit of Fellow Patients

It is therefore good to see that some medical research organisations are taking patient engagement seriously. Total Health is therefore working with an independent healthcare research agency, based in London who are conducting research with women who are currently suffering from uterine fibroids or have suffered from these in the past.

Your Thoughts and Feelings

The patient-centric research involves the completion of an anonymous 30-minute online survey, covering various topics relating to your uterine fibroids, including the following:

  • Your feelings towards the condition,
  • The treatments you have received and
  • The impact of the condition on your life

The information collected from the survey will be used to help understand what it is like to live with uterine fibroids and develop ways to support women suffering from this condition.

An optional £10 Amazon voucher is offered as a thank you. To enter the survey, please click the following link (please note, you will be redirected to an external, secure site): SURVEY or email for further information

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Benign tumours, most often in the uterus. Full medical glossary