Not all Plastic Surgeons are the same

This enquiry was put to the John Radcliffe Hospital Plastic Surgeon, Mr Titus Adams, a friend of totalhealth.

Dear Editor

I was just wondering if you have any idea about the following:  My daughter is thinking of having corrective surgery for her slightly droopy eye lid which happened as a result of all her recent surgery.  It looks as though last week's operation was a success (i.e. the retina is in place) so now she wants to try to do something about the cosmetic damage.  We're getting dfifferent advice on whether we can get this done on the NHS or not - I  think it very much depends on the consultant.  Do you think you could ask around amongst the eye specialists you know?

Thank you

Here is the reply from Mr Titus Adams:

From what I can glean, the corrective surgery should be covered on the NHS as the problem occurred as a direct result of her treatment.  Secondly, it sounds as if she might have an eyelid ptosis.  I would suggest that this is corrected by an oculoplastic surgeon or craniofacial surgeon.  One such surgeon here at the John Radcliffe, Mr David Johnson, Craniofacial plastic surgeon, is highly recommended for this work.


Drooping of the upper eyelid, possibly due to injury or disease. Full medical glossary
The light sensitive membrane that lines the back, inner surface of the eye and enables sight. Full medical glossary