Next generation patient care navigation

Bucks the trend in patient triage and access

A next generation patient navigation system has been launched at the Marston Forest practice in Buckinghamshire. Following a UK launch of the Swedish health model at Lakeside, the platform was immediately welcomed by patients and staff alike, with over 96% of patients recommending the platform to others and 90% saying they had been met with compassion - a huge tribute to the Marston Forest team.

GP practices replacing first generation triage systems to improve patient access

The Doctrin team worked closely with Marston Forest to ensure the platform was tailored to their needs, designing new ways of working with them to deliver increased patient access, quality of care and patient experience. Whilst also taking pressure of staff who are able to increase the numbers of patient consultations they can deliver with the same team.

Bucks triage teamSharing international best practice

Marston had reviewed a number of options but chose Doctrin as they believe this is the best available platform and would support their digital transformation. They were struck by how supportive the Doctrin team were from day one, and had been with them “every step of the way”, from introducing them to the platform to sharing international best practice and helping them redesign how they deliver Care.

True digital transformation

Dr Imran Ismail, Senior Partner at Marston Forest Healthcare said “This is true digital transformation, that enriches the patient experience” and feedback from both patients, and staff was how easy the platform was to use.

Craig Oates, Doctrin UK says.“Marston looked hard at which solution was best for them and we are incredibly pleased they picked Doctrin. They have been a fantastic and innovative partner looking constantly for opportunities to use Doctrin to transform and improve patient access and care. We are especially proud of the outstanding feedback we are receiving from both patients and staff which follows the excellent feedback we have received at all our UK customer sites. With our care navigation platform we can help our customers transform the care experience for patients and staff, creating more accessible, integrated and efficient care with patients triaged to the right care from the start, whilst also also delivering a better working environment and experience for staff”.

Leading providers of digital healthcare

Doctrin is one of the leading providers of digital healthcare solutions for primary and specialist care. Doctrin’s integrated platform maximises efficiency and experience of care, ensuring full continuity throughout the care pathways. Documented results are more satisfied patients, improved quality of care, and a better working environment with less administration. The company is active in Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic, Poland and the United Kingdom. Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy, M.D; PhD, is Group CEO.

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