Bob Davidson

Providing the specialist information that patients need

Having trained initially as a research immunologist, Bob is passionate about medical education and 'informed consent', Bob is a former editor of London's medical magazine, Capital Doctor. Publishing director at Total HealthBob was also an early pioneer of non-promotional, medical inbound systems.

Bob is particularly interested in the integration of systems that combine relevant authoritative content, informed consent, choice, treatment navigation and management. He was responsible for launching pioneering healthcare initiatives including the UK's first diagnostic choose and book medical systems, and launched the consultant-led, patient facing websites including Total Health, gprefer, ConsultantSearch and ConsultantProfile.

Previously a CEO and CQC Registered Hospital Manager he likes working with medical teams especially when this involves managing digital, therapeutic strategy, ambulatory care, imaging, and laboratory diagnostics. He has assisted with the launch and development of some of the most proactive NHS and private hospitals and clinics in London.

Medical communications and patient choice

Developing authoritative medical information for patients in collaboration with the teaching hospital consultants and their clinical departments. Enabling review and informed discussion all individual treatment choices.  Bob stresses the fact that "there are always choices". The approach provides those patients who are prepared to do some research to be genuinely empowered. As advocates of health literacy point out, those patients who are more proactively involved in what is after all, probably the most important decisions in life, are better motivated and have better outcomes. Exploring and selecting the most appropriate treatment option is also fundamental to 'informed consent'.

Following a diagnosis patients deserve:

  • to have access to information on all relevant treatment options,
  • evidence-based medical information in plain English,
  • access to relevant and comprehensible data, and
  • knowledge of who the appropriate medical specialist are, along with their personal approaches to care.
  • Access to 'second opinions' and not necessarily just going with the one world view of a single specialist

... there are always choices

Each type of medical specialist is likely to provide a different option, for example, for lower back pain whether this be an orthopaedic surgeon or a neuro-surgeon. There are thousands of similar examples for most diagnoses. All input should be sought before a final decision is made. Patients need to be fully included in the decision making process about their treatment.

There are always options and the authoritative information provided by the senior consultants on Total Health informs that choice.
Hythe and Saltwood Sailing ClubBob is a Member of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) and is MD at healthcare digital marketing consultancy Synaptic Ltd. In his spare time he is a keen windsurfer and active member of Hythe and Saltwood Sailing Club.

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