Swedish model integrating UK health

Lakeside Healthcare – a large partnership of GP practices in the Midlands, serving over 170,000 patients – is the first healthcare provider in the UK to go live with a new, next generation "digi-physical" healthcare system. The Swedish integrated care platform known as Doctrin, is an easy to use online and video consultation platform, combining treatment navigation with care management.

The increasing shift to integrated digital-physical healthcare provision

Recent global events have been a catalyst for implementation of new health-tech developments. Many technology-based, to allow healthcare to be delivered, for example, when physical contact is not possible. A shift to digital tools in healthcare provision is now happening. Many of the technologies adopted during the first phase of the pandemic were already well established, but not widely implemented; the maturity of the technology enabled the rapid provision of healthcare through remote consultation.

Midlands surgeries go digi-physical 

The Doctrin system enables healthcare providers to create a patient journey that is more automated and accessible, efficient, and integrated with the wider care system. Established only five years ago, Doctrin is already Sweden’s leading business-to business-platform for digital healthcare serving a quarter of its population with 2.3 million people now having access to the shared platform.

The system links hospitals such as the Karolinska Hospital and Capio, as well as GP practices. Lakeside Healthcare is the first UK healthcare provider to go live with the Doctrin platform.

Craig Oates, Managing Director of Doctrin UK, said: “We are working together [with Lakeside] to radically transform how healthcare is delivered in the UK, to improve access for patients and help health and social care providers meet the ever increasing needs of an ageing and increasingly complex patient population.

seamless care to their communities

Craig goes onto say, "General Practice in the UK is facing unprecedented demand for services and we believe Doctrin’s online health solutions will support general practice in dealing with these challenges by simplifying care navigation and management within primary care networks and across the integrated care system to provide seamless care to their communities.”

Lakeside Healthcare is one of the largest GP Partnerships in the UK and renowned for their desire to innovate and provide outstanding care for their patients. The Midlands-based practices are owned and run by GP Partners and teams of doctors, nurses and associated staff who know their patients and care deeply about the quality of care they provide in the communities they serve. By going live with the Doctrin platform Lakeside will be able to combine digital consultations with care navigation and care management, not only within the practice but also with partner organisations. This will help patients navigate often complex care pathways seamlessly and swiftly to radically improve the patient and clinician experience, enabling truly integrated care.

Dr Miles Langdon CMO LakesideDr Miles Langdon (pictured), GP Partner and Chief Medical Officer at Lakeside Healthcare, said: ”As a Partnership we have been impressed, not only with how well the platform performs, but also with how user-friendly it is, both for patients, clinicians and administrative staff. Early feedback has been very positive. Providing digital access for patients is an NHS requirement for GP practices and so this is another way to facilitate patients contacting us for their healthcare needs. The Doctrin project team has been hugely supportive in the development and initial roll-out phases and we look forward to continuing our close working relationship with them to replicate this early success at other Group practices in due course.”

Easier communications across providers

The partnership with Lakeside Healthcare enables Doctrin to further develop and enhance their platform for the UK and internationally, particularly to support and drive the integrated health and social care agenda, facilitating new joined up care pathways and easier communication across a wider range of organisations.

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