MonaLisa Gynaecology comes to Harley Street

A team of leading Consultant Gynaecologists including Tania Adib, Francis Gardner and Pandelis Athanasias have designed a new day-case gynaecology clinic for treating most gynaecological conditions including Vaginal Atrophy using the latest MonaLisa laser. 

NB The MonaLisa treatment method has recently received some health warnings and patients can get further information via this BBC link - therapies pose serious risk.

Laser Treatment for VA and Postpartum Disorders

The latest laser system for treating Vaginal Atrophy, vulvo-vaginal health and postnatal disorders acts by reshaping and regenerating vaginal tissue that may have started to degenerate. The laser restores the healthy functionality of the vagina without any of the usual side effects that are normally associated with more traditional oestrogen treatments.

However, the latest evidence shows that the benefits of the treatment are also helpful for many other disorders, such as:

  • Mild urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Postnatal disorders due to childbirth injury

In his article for Total Health, Consultant Gynaecologist, Pandelis Athanasias who is part of a leading team of senior Gynaecologists operating from the brand new, high-spec treatment rooms says, "MonaLisa Touch® laser therapy for vaginal atrophy has been shown to be effective. It is well supported by international publications from prestigious health institutes. There is also growing evidence to support the implementation of this laser therapy for conditions such as lichen sclerosus, vaginal or vulval inflammation and urinary disorders."

The gynaecology team go on to stress that, "Mona Lisa must be performed by specialists with advanced expertise in the treatment of vulval and vaginal disorders in order to make the correct diagnosis and personalise the treatment to your needs."

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Withering or weakening of a body tissue due to disease or disuse. Full medical glossary
The process of determining which condition a patient may have. Full medical glossary
The basic unit of genetic material carried on chromosomes. Full medical glossary
The involuntary passage of urine or faeces. Full medical glossary
The body’s response to injury. Full medical glossary
The destruction of abnormal cells by burning them away using a laser. Full medical glossary
How relaxed or slack a body part is. Full medical glossary
A hormone involved in female sexual development, produced by the ovaries. Full medical glossary
Relating to injury or concern. Full medical glossary
A group of cells with a similar structure and a specialised function. Full medical glossary
The muscula passage, forming part of the femal reproductive system, between the cervix and the external genitalia. Full medical glossary
The external part of the female genitalia. Full medical glossary