Rachel Graham

Nutritional Therapist & Medicinal Chef 

Rachel Graham is a Nutritional Therapist & Medicinal Chef with over 25 years of Food and Nutrition experience. She works predominantly in Women’s Health with an emphasis on menopause. This naturally incorporates gut health, heart health and hormone health.

Rachel is an accredited menopause educator from The British Menopause Charity. As such, Rachel is qualified to advise women on the various treatment options available to manage the symptoms of menopause. Her areas of interest are:

  • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT),
  • Alternatives to HRT (supplements, lifestyle and alternative therapies),
  • Younger women who are experiencing early Menopause (POI) as a result of surgery or medical reasons,
  • Women not yet in Menopause (peri-menopause) who wish to be informed and prepared.

Her new cookbook, Nutrition for Menopause will be published in November 2022.

Rachel runs online menopause and nutrition clinics with 1:1 consultations and group coaching specifically for Menopause. She also offers 'Meal Prep' classes focussing on the practical skills to improve diet. She emphasises that although there are some common drivers, "everyone’s own experience is different", however, we all share a need for diet and lifestyle.

"I follow the functional medicine approach = personalising your nutrition to future proof your health"