CyberKnife®’s younger brother now found worldwide thanks to Accuray

Accuray, the makers of CyberKnife®, have announced that over 100 TomoTherapy® systems are now at use throughout the world including ten centres in the UK.

TomoTherapy®, developed following the success of CyberKnife®, is a fully-integrated treatment process for radiotherapy. The system provides 360 degrees of narrow pinpointed beams of radiation delivery. This represents the most precise radiotherapy system available.

First used in 2010 TomoDirect can deliver radiation at fixed angles and is effected for whole breast radiotherapy amongst a whole range of other tumours. The makers state that the system allows “…clinicians to deliver treatment options for a range of indications and enables daily 3D CT imaging of every patient… to maximize treatment accuracy.”

The abbreviation for computed tomography, a scan that generates a series of cross-sectional x-ray images Full medical glossary
A large abdominal organ that has many important roles including the production of bile and clotting factors, detoxification, and the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Full medical glossary
Energy in the form of waves or particles, including radio waves, X-rays and gamma rays. Full medical glossary
The treatment of disease using radiation. Full medical glossary
An abnormal swelling. Full medical glossary