The sky’s the limit in Cyberknife® and cancer care

Sky Factory is promoting healing for cancer patients through their Illusions of Nature™ and SkyCeiling™, which aim to create a pleasant environment in which patients receive their cancer care from operating theatres to CyberKnife® treatment rooms. Sky Factory create virtual skylights and windows of blue sky and nature, known as biophilic art – art which is connected to our innate love of nature.

The skylights, which are in use at the CyberKnife® Centre at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, aim to distract patients and give them a positive outlook whilst receiving their cancer care. Sky Factory, the makers of the windows claim that the “…Circular Luminous SkyCeiling™ is a biophilic architectural element that… provides an experience of nature which nourishes the mind and body of the cancer patient, and works in concert with the healing modality provided by the powerful medical technology.”

This simple and effective design helps to relax patients resulting in less movement during procedures and higher patient satisfaction. Through combining art and technology Sky Factory are looking to move into digital cinema virtual windows which can exhibit environments from tropical ocean views, sunrise and sunset, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, wildlife and underwater marine life.

Abnormal, uncontrolled cell division resulting in a malignant tumour that may invade surrounding tissues or spread to distant parts of the body. Full medical glossary
An element present in haemoglobin in the red cells. Full medical glossary
A craving to eat non-food substances such as earth or coal. Full medical glossary