Dr Nick Plowman

Dr Nick Plowman is the Senior Consultant in Clinical Oncology to St Bartholomew’s Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children. He was appointed Senior Lecturer to St Mark’s Hospital for colorectal cancer and his interest in focal radiation techniques has led to many research papers in neuro-oncology (adults and children).

Dr Plowman has a long term interest in optimising management of breast and prostate cancer – demonstrating the relevance of adrenal androgens in therapy: first establishing the role of glucocorticoid therapy as second line endocrine therapy in prostate cancer and first introducing aromatase inhibitors to Europe in breast therapy.

Dr Plowman has been Head of Department at St Bartholomew’s since 1989. He has published around 300 research papers in radiotherapy and clinical oncology.

Dr Plowman is also Clinical Director of the London CyberKnife® Centre.