Professor Avijit Lahiri

Professor Avijit Lahiri is an internationally acknowledged leading Clinical Cardiologist. Prior to founding the Cardiac Imaging and Research Centre at The Wellington Hospital, London in 2004, Avijit held some of the most senior cardiology posts in the UK. He was Consultant Cardiologist & Director of Cardiovascular Research at Northwick Park Hospital. Also, Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at St Mary’s Hospital & Medical School, London.

At the Cardiac Imaging & Research Centre, known as CIRC, Avijit and his team of Cardiologists, Echo & Nuclear Medicine technicians and nurses provide Clinical & Nuclear Cardiology services along with state-of-the art Cardiac Imaging with a SPECT-CT scanner which can detect early signs of heart disease, coronary calcium & monitor progression of disease as well as perform innovative non invasive angiograms.

CIRC is the only dedicated cardiac Imaging centre in the UK and treats over 1,000 patients from all over the world each year.

Prof Lahiri is Honorary Professor of Middlesex University, Honorary Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College & Medical Director of the British Cardiac Research Trust.

Prof Lahiri has over 240 peer reviewed publications. His interests range from the development of Beta Blockers & Heart failure to new imaging agents for the improved diagnosis and prognosis of Heart disease. Avijit’s research has contributed to change in Imaging guidelines of the Association of American College of Cardiology . He was one of the founders of the British Nuclear Cardiology Society as well as the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology.

Prof Laihiri’s current research programme is focused on diabetic patients who due to their condition do not display the signs of heart disease until the disease is well advanced. He also is working with the NHS on more efficient and effective management of patients with Chest pain.

The British Cardiac Research Trust works closely with Avijit and his team on these ground breaking studies which are significantly improving our understanding of the intricities of Heart Disease.