Dr Anand Jeevarethinam

Dr Anand Jeevarethinam graduated from Thanjavur Medical College, India before moving to the UK in 2004 and beginning his training in General Medicine. He has worked in several Centres of Excellence in the UK and was awarded Membership of the Royal College of Physicians in 2008.

Dr Jeevarethinam has developed his interest in heart disease and is currently working as a Research Fellow in Cardiology at the Cardiac Imaging and Research Centre (CIRC), Wellington Hospital under the supervision of Professor Avijit Lahiri.

His current research programme is focused on diabetic patients who, due to their condition, do not display the signs of heart disease until the disease is well advanced. Dr Jeevarethinam is part of the team undertaking a major trial called ‘PROCEED’ in which 500 asymptomatic patients with diabetes from three NHS centres  will have a baseline and follow-up CTCA (CT coronary angiography), echocardiogram, measure of endothelial function, Carotid and Doppler Ultrasound to measure carotid intima-medial thickness (IMT). The aim of the study is to identify asymptomatic diabetic individuals at increased risk for mortality and major adverse cardiovascular events. This would also integrate carotid IMT measurement into mainstream cardiovascular diagnostic and prognostic investigations to monitor progression of coronary atherosclerosis and disease burden, particularly in asymptomatic high risk diabetes patients in whom there is no consensus regarding screening.