London’s leading hip surgeon advises on latest hip surgery procedures

Hip surgery involves many interested parties with over 200 manufacturers of different types of hip replacement. So what works, what doesn’t and what is the advice that any patient should have prior to considering their options? These are the questions that totalhealth put to one of London’s most senior specialists, Mr Warwick Radford. His article, provides deep insight into what the internationally acknowledged experts are thinking, and here is a summary:

There are different schools of thought and anyone considering this operation would be advised to read on as it will enable a conversation with the doctor to decide on which method might suit best. Somewhat unbelievably, there are over 200 manufacturers of different hip replacements and their advertisements appear in places as diverse as the supermarket through to magazines. So what's hype and what's hip?

This article gives the following top ten tips:

  1. What are the different types of hip replacement?
  2. Is ceramic better than metal?
  3. What is the ideal size of hip replacement?
  4. What is resurfacing?
  5. Is resurfacing better than total hip replacement?
  6. What is the latest on keyhole or minimally invasive surgery?
  7. Can computers aid the surgeon?
  8. What is the best way of treating hip pain?
  9. What is arthroscopy?
  10. What is the latest expert opinion?

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Inspection through an endoscope of the interior of a joint. Full medical glossary
A type of surgery that aims to limit the amount of trauma to the patient; for example, keyhole surgery. Abbreviated to MIS. Full medical glossary