Jeans for Genes Day 2011

Did you notice all the office workers and school children fashionably combining their jeans with blazers this morning? It is a wonderful sight to see everyone coming together on this day wearing their favourite pair of jeans for such a wonderful cause.

Every year across the UK 30,000 children are born with a genetic disorder and many, many more people contribute to Jeans for Genes Day, a charity which has been helping children since the early 1990s. The initial campaign raised an impressive £7000 which has now risen to a fantastic £2.5 million.

On the informative website, there are all sorts of activities, fundraising ideas and ways for people to get involved. So throw your denims on, get fashionable and raise some money for this fantastic charity.


The basic unit of genetic material carried on chromosomes. Full medical glossary
Relating to the genes, the basic units of genetic material. Full medical glossary