Mr Niall Jones

Mr Niall Jones is an experienced specialist Consultant Paediatric Surgeon for the Children’s One-Stop Hernia Clinic at The Portland Hospital, London which uniquely offers a same-day consultation and operation service for inguinal hernia repair in babies and children. He specialises in gastrointestinal surgery.

Mr Niall Jones explains his own philosophy to the care of children:

“Keyhole techniques have transformed many areas of surgery in recent years. While conventional keyhole instruments can be used with adults and most children, for very young infants under the age of 6 months or weighing less than 5kg, they are simply too big. The use of smaller diameter, finder, laparoscopic equipment has a number of advantages over open surgery, for example, we can avoid invasive access into the abdomen, which can be quite traumatic for a newborn. As the incisions are so small, babies recover quicker, can begin feeding normally quicker and can go home with their parents sooner; they will also have less noticeable scars as they get older.”

Click here for a video of Mr Niall Jones discussing keyhole surgery for babies on the BBC.