Get a GP appointment fast

Want to get a GP appointment fast? It’s getting trickier to see a doctor on the same day in the NHS. 

A study by the Royal College of GPs has revealed it’s not going to be getting any easier.

The professional body that represents GPs in the UK discovered that 40% of GPs want to leave their job in the next five years.

Added to this, 25% of doctors who plan on staying say they want to slash working hours, according to the survey.

Twenty per cent said their surgery had at least one post needing to be filled.

Certain surgeries have struggled for a year and a half to find one applicant for vacancies.

This comes after the Government’s promise to add an extra 5,000 family doctors by 2020.

Same day appointment

As patients struggle to get to see their regular doctor, many are turning to private GPs for emergency appointments or for referrals to private consultants.

So should you book an appointment with a private GP? These are the advantages of a private doctor:

  • Same day appointment
  • Appointments at your convenience
  • No wait for prescriptions
  • Fast private referrals
  • Up to date knowledge of the best consultants
  • Choice of a male or female doctor
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Peace of mind

Private GP London

Dr Amarjit Raindi has worked both in the NHS and private practice. “For doctors working privately, having more time allows us to spend patients. It’s very useful to ensure the patient has been able to explain all of their symptoms and treat them accordingly. If an appointment is rushed, this sometimes just isn’t possible.”

On the NHS, each appointment is limited to 10 minutes, but private doctors can give more time. It’s also far more effective for busy patients, as most NHS GPs have a policy of only allowing one or two ailments to be discussed in each appointment.

With a half an hour appointment, there is ample time to get to know a patient’s state of health better. “Certain illnesses have symptoms that seem to be quite random, A patient might come to us with say, a wound that hasn’t healed. In some situations this could be a sign of something more serious. By carefully quizzing the patients, we have a better idea of what is the problem.”

Which private GP?

Make sure you choose a reputable GP, with experience and good knowledge.

Going to a fully integrated service is also advised. This means your prescribed treatments and referrals can be offered within the clinic. This means a no-fuss, hassle-free experience.

Harley Street offers super-specialisms in:

  • Nutrition    
  • Freedom from pain
  • Nutritional balance
  • Counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Menopause care

Dr Amarjit Raindi practices with Dr Debbie Street, Dr Marie Amelie Lebel and Dr Deborah Haïat.