Facial Surgery and Invisible Scars

The latest facial reconstructive surgery techniques and approaches mean that "invisible scars" on the face are possible. By indirectly accessing the areas requiring reconstruction, any scarring caused by surgery can largely be concealed. 

Fortunately the face does offer such an opportunity. There is a vast array of operations that can be performed through the oral cavity including surgical procedures for the bones of the mid- and lower third of the face and their overlying soft tissues."

No need for Skin Incisions

In his article for Total Health; Facial Reconstruction following Trauma or Surgery Mr Kalavrezos explains how surgery around the orbital globes can be performed through the conjunctiva, allowing access to the eye socket and the supportive bone with no need for skin incisions.

Furthermore facial incisions can be performed in conjunction with concealing incisions behind the ears or within the hairline which means that almost seamless, invisible access to the entire surface of the face and the facial skeleton is possible. He goes on to say, "This allows not only cosmetic improvement of facial features, but primarily serves the ongoing need for social integration by minimising defects and scars and subsequently by minimising the indelible traces of previous illnesses."

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