Demand for lab testing 'selfies' increases

Pathology testing from finger-prick blood samples provides insight into key internal health biomarkers. The laboratory analysis is undertaken at accredited labs and results can then be uploaded to a customer’s personalised dashboard accessible through the web portal or via an app.

Tests can include banks of individual analyte assessments (profiles) including general well-being and hormone health, female fertility, menopause, thyroid checks, testosterone, cholesterol and diabetes

Analysing athletes

Forth, a new commercial clinical lab has also developed sports-specific bio tracking service designed, "to optimise endurance, power and strength". Testing kits are designed for both amateur and professional athletes who want to improve their performance. The results can give athletes insight into whether they are over-trained, under recovered or need to improve their diet.  

Each testing kit has been specifically tailored to the main type of exercise activity and include both a male and female version, ensuring only the most relevant biomarkers are analysed and interpreted.

Personalised test profiles can also be created. Using an unique algorithm which was developed in conjunction with the sports science team at Swansea University, users to build their own test tailored to their circumstances such as the number of hours spent training, the type of activity and any areas of concern or existing conditions.

Sarah Bolt pathology

Sarah Bolt is founder and Chief Executive of Forth. She said: “People want to gain more insight into their own health in order to reach their personal best. Our results dashboard is intuitive and easy to understand so that we can empower the consumer to understand more about their own body. Results of the at-home tests are processed within 48 hours via a personalised dashboard and I am proud to say that we are the only biomarker profiling company to offer our customer a mobile app. 

“With the support of Craig Gulliford and the Development Bank of Wales, we are now well-placed to further develop our offering with plans to export to Europe later this year. This is a new market so it took confidence on their part to believe in our product and support us with our mission to help the new digital health consumer to be the best they can be.” 

Contact Dr Raindi to arrange a pathology request. If you have a concern it is recommended to arrange diagnostic testing via a GP.


A fluid produced by the liver, which helps the fat ingested in food to combine with the digestive juices in the gut. Full medical glossary
A substance that can be measured to help healthcare professionals to assess normal processes, disease processes or a person's response to treatment. Full medical glossary
A fluid that transports oxygen and other substances through the body, made up of blood cells suspended in a liquid. Full medical glossary
A substance present in many tissues and an important constituent of cell membranes although high concentrations of a certain type of cholesterol in the blood are unhealthy. Full medical glossary
A disorder caused by insufficient or absent production of the hormone insulin by the pancreas, or because the tissues are resistant to the effects. Full medical glossary
The basic unit of genetic material carried on chromosomes. Full medical glossary
A substance produced by a gland in one part of the body and carried by the blood to the organs or tissues where it has an effect. Full medical glossary

The time of a woman’s life when her ovaries stop releasing an egg (ovum) on a monthly cycle, and her periods cease

Full medical glossary
The main male sex hormone. Full medical glossary
A gland in the neck that produces hormones with a role in controlling metabolism. Full medical glossary