Consultant Profile - the specialist information hub

Patients are increasingly wanting to get information about the treatment options that may be appropriate for their medical condition, and to find out more about the specialist consultants who will be treating them. However, busy consultants do not have the time to continuously update their website or to proactively manage their digital communications.

Key patient questions include the following:

  •          Who are the acknowledged medical experts in the UK specialising in my condition?
  •          Which treatment specialisms might be appropriate for my diagnosis?
  •          What treatment options are appropriate for me and how do I get access to them?
  •          What information is there on the various treatment options that are available to me?

The new Consultant Profile web application has therefore been produced by Synaptic in order to meet the information and communication needs of both patients and doctors.The UK's leading medical consultants provide the following information:

  •         The diagnoses and conditions that they specialise in treating
  •         Personal biographies including qualifications, clinical experience and expertise and personal philosophy to patient care
  •         Information on the diagnosed conditions that they treat
  •         A description of the medical approach that they specialise in providing
  •         An overview of their professional fees and associated insurers
  •         Links to their own websites and to patient-facing medical websites, such as Total Health, where they have provided additional information or published articles

As a result, patients will be able to access a useful hub page to enable in-depth research, and Consultants who simply do not have the time to create web pages or coordinate social feeds and blogs now have a manageable hub page for all their necessary and relevant digital output.

Teaching Hospital consultants are all too aware of their educational responsibilities, which now courtesy of the internet includes patients themselves.However, their prime focus is on the delivery of care and not on sophisticated digital communications. Leading London Cardiologist and specialist in Catheter Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation, Dr Oliver Segal recognised this early on and his consultant profile can be viewed here.

The process of determining which condition a patient may have. Full medical glossary
A large abdominal organ that has many important roles including the production of bile and clotting factors, detoxification, and the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Full medical glossary