Keyhole Surgery

This section is slightly different from other sections on totalhealth as it looks at the application of a technique across a range of specialisms from ankles to the heart. Keyhole surgery warrants a section of its own as this is the direction that most skilled surgeons have moved towards where possible.

Keyhole surgery, known as laparoscopic surgery in the abdomen and arthroscopic surgery in the joints, refers to an operation where only a small incision is required to obtain access to the required area, which is facilitated by the latest tools in instrumentation and camera manipulation. The term differentiates the surgical approach from the more traditional 'open surgery'. Although keyhole surgery will often have major benefits over open surgery for reasons that these articles explain, unfortunately it may not always be possible or even the best option. We hope however that this authoritative information will be useful when discussing options with your doctor and making the decision that is right for you.