Dr Raul Scott Pereira

Resident at:

Dr Scott Pereira qualified with a Medical degree from Cambridge University Medical School (Oxford Clinical) in 1972, and his PhD from University College London. He has over thirty years of senior academic experience in treating and teaching allergy, which makes him one of the most highly qualified and experienced specialists anywhere.

He was Senior Lecturer in Immunology at St George’s Hospital, and then Imperial College, London. He has fifteen years of allergy out -patient clinical experience and is an Investigator in UK clinical trials of desensitisation immunotherapy by injection and by sublingual administration of allergen.

In a field where there are literally hundreds of so-called complementary practitioners, Scott is one of the very few mainstream, evidence-based allergy specialists in the UK. He takes a straightforward, traditional view incorporating the latest technology and is motivated by seeing patients respond to his highly individualised approach.