Holistic methods for improving overall wellness

Most of us are so busy that we forget to prioritise our health. Furthermore, we tend to only seek medical attention when we feel sick. Therefore it pays to focus on improving our overall holistic wellness on a daily basis in order to achieve a better quality of life. Here are some suggestions..

Address all your health issues

As we age, illnesses and certain chronic conditions arise and affect the holistic state of our body. These health issues may cause a number of symptoms such as pain, stress & anxiety and sleeping problems, which may require us to have some form of longer-term support. While all these symptoms may need some medical attention, adjunctive and alternative treatments are also available in the UK, one example is the recent approval of medical cannabis. 

The UK medical cannabis law allows individuals to seek cannabis prescriptions from licensed medical cannabis clinics. These prescriptions can help provide physical and mental support to make symptoms more manageable.

Practise healthy diet

What we eat and drink massively contributes to our overall wellness. Most people, since childhood, were told to eat fruits, and vegetables, avoid junk food and drink plenty of water. And that is because what we include in our diet directly impacts our health. 

Healthy eating habits do not end with just eating the right food. It also involves staying away from what shouldn’t be included in our diet due to certain medical conditions. Aside from being mindful of what we eat, it is important to ensure that we are taking vitamins and supplements to help us fulfil our body’s vitamin requirements for it to function to its optimum ability. 

We’ve seen many trending types of diets, and while each of them has its own benefits, you must match them to your needs. Some of the healthiest diets include:

Mediterranean diet

This diet does not require restriction and does not prevent you from eating any type of food group. However, it suggests that you control your intake of red meat and sugar.

Low-carb whole food diet

This type of diet includes a high intake of fruits and vegetables, including sources of protein such as meat, eggs, seafood, and healthy fats. You should stay away from consuming sugary foods, bread, pasta, and processed foods.

Stay active

Alongside a proper diet, being active and exercising regularly also benefits our bodies. Many of us tend to live a sedentary lifestyle due to how busy our daily lives are, including the digital age we live in today. However, it is vital to keep our body fit not just for appearance but also for inner wellness. With regular exercise, you can manage your weight, get stronger bones and muscles, and most importantly, it helps you reduce the risk of developing certain health diseases.


Achieving overall wellness can be overwhelming, especially when you have aches and pain in your body and are dealing with chronic diseases. Fortunately, there are ways you can help yourself improve your quality of life. While adjunctive and alternative treatments like medical cannabis are available, it is also important to only seek help from professionals before starting any health regime. Remember, no matter what treatment path you choose, consistency and discipline are key to improving your body’s overall health.

A disease of long duration generally involving slow changes. Full medical glossary
One of the three main food constituents (with carbohydrate and protein), and the main form in which energy is stored in the body. Full medical glossary
Tissue made up of cells that can contract to bring about movement. Full medical glossary
Compounds that form the structure of muscles and other tissues in the body, as well as comprising enzymes and hormones. Full medical glossary
Relating to injury or concern. Full medical glossary
Essential substances that cannot be produced by the body and so must be acquired from the diet. Full medical glossary