Shine bright like a Diamond

The people who make a difference during pandemic

Evelyn Diamond - thank youTotal Health is grateful to the doctors and surgeries in London who have brought to our attention the people who are doing those little (and sometimes not so little!) things to help, that make such a big difference. When Evelyn Diamond heard that the doctors in her part of north London were not only often going hungry due to the movement restrictions, but also suffering from sore hands, she decided to do something about it. Front line staff were reporting that due to the necessity of wearing protective gloves combined with rigorous sanitising for extensive periods of time their hands were becoming inflamed and sore.

All I knew was that they were getting sore hands

When Total Health asked her what made her start providing this service Evelyn said, "As soon as I heard what was happening I was only too happy to help".

It seems as though Evelyn is definitely one of those people you need around when action is required with arranging differing parties to come together in order to provide coordinated help.

Surgery gratitude packs

For the practices, Evelyn has organised a ‘Gratitude Pack’ which she hopes will help a little. Some surgeries and hospitals have already received over seven different packs. To achieve this, she contacted friends and colleagues in the medical organisations and many companies agreed to provide various products, services and items - as follows:


Packs of Dermal cream, lotion and Adex Gel to moisturise hands following the high use of sanitiser chemicals.

Dene Healthcare 

The new Abena medical examination antimicrobial gloves with built in-antimicrobial technology to fight infection and combat antimicrobial resistance.


Probiotics to boost immunity.


Boxes of their ophthalmology products (Hydramed). This was particularly useful for those doctors spending all day seeing patients via video and suffering resultant eyestrain.

Thornton and Ross 

Boxes containing Zeroderma range of different emollients.-2-in-1 (Zeroveen) moisturising cream and wash containing natural oatmeal or Zerolan- a barrier cream to prevent irritation.


Biros, highlighters, markers and rulers, (which are always useful) 

Steve Mcabe, Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Providing key workers with anxiety and sleep issues, a free 30 minute phone call (or via on-line Zoom) 

Wenzels Bakery

Vouchers and 20% discount off all products including their delicious range of bread, cakes, pies, sandwiches, salads etc

Surgeries Facilities Management

Helping surgeries with premises requirements to combat COVID -19.

Daisy Gifts

With camomile and lavender sachets to aid sleep.

Getting help onto the front line

In addition to helping the surgeries in north London (who are often over-looked due the the natural priority placed on the hospitals), Evelyn has also been proactively helping the staff who are under so much pressure at the her local Royal Free Hospital. Evelyn says, "For example, Daisy Gifts are providing sachets of lavender and camomile, which helps aid sleep in stressful situations. These are being sent into the Royal Free Hospital for the benefit of staff".

Evelyn coordinated her activities with the Royal Free Hospital, consultant vascular surgeon, Mr Daryll Baker. Daryll helped to distribute the gratitude packs directly to those staff who needed them including the operating theatre and ICU staff. Daryll points out that the theatre cleaning staff who are all too often over-looked were particularly grateful for the extra help. In addition to the very practical help, staff felt very moved by the kindness and thoughtfulness.

What the surgery staff are saying:

"Thank you so much for this!! you are doing really amazing job!! Thank you".

JP, Practice Manager, Medical Centre, Finchley

"Evelyn, hi. What a fantastic gesture from your suppliers. A big thank you to all of them. I will share this with the rest of the staff. Thank you so much and take great care over the next few weeks".

TS, Practice Manager, Medical Centre, West Hampstead

"Thank you for goodies and support".

AR, Practice Manager, Medical Centre, Edgware


"You are brilliant Evelyn, take care of yourself and your family.  Best wishes".

Dr D.A.,  GP at Medical Centre, Harrow Weald


"Can I just say another thank you for the thoughtful gesture, all the staff are very appreciative of them especially of Wenzal’s Bakery lol"

RK, Administrator at The Surgery, Colindale.

"Many thanks Evelyn".

 SM, Deputy Practice Manager,The Medical Practice, Edgware 

"Thank you so much for your continued support in these difficult times. It is lovely to know that the companies are also thinking of us and kindly sending some supplies".

ME, Practice Manager and PCN2 Educator & Training Lead, The Clinic, Whetstone

"Thank you for this – it is very much appreciated during this stressful time".        

LK,  Practice Manager, The Surgery, Barnet

"Thanks so much, Evelyn! Really good to be able to hand out the creams!".

Dr MS, GP at The Medical Centre, Cricklewood


Total Health also thank Evelyn.

Evelyn - you are a 'dimon geeza'.

intermittent claudication Full medical glossary
Invasion by organisms that may be harmful, for example bacteria or parasites. Full medical glossary
multiple sclerosis Full medical glossary
An outbreak of infection that affects numerous people in different countries. Full medical glossary
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