Menopause, Testosterone and Grumpy Men

Women's health expert, Professor John Studd suggests that his patients might like to let their husbands know that hormone deficiency at certain times is not just a female condition. Whilst most people are aware that one in three women will suffer an osteoporotic fracture at some point in their lives, fewer seem to be aware that men suffer from osteoporosis too and that one in twelve men sustain similar fractures.Wife talking to husband

Furthermore, Prof Studd points out that 'the Grumpy Old Man Syndrome' as described by the press, is often a symptom of testosterone deficiency. Other symptoms include:

  • Loss of energy
  • Irritability
  • Loss of lidido
  • Poor erections and
  • Depression

Of course it is possible for men to have the above symptoms without an associated testosterone deficiency, but if a blood test demonstrates a low hormone level then the condition is treatable with appropriate testosterone gels or injections.

Osteoporotic fractures in men may be related to any of the following:

Steroid therapy,

Family history, or

Testosterone deficiency.

Prof Studd points out in his monthly newsletter that many of his male patients who come with erectile, loss of libido and tiredness problems who also have a low testosterone level - on bone densitometry scanning they will also have a very low bone density score. However, the good news for these patients is that this is easily treated with testosterone therapy.

"I cannot stress sufficiently how important this early diagnosis and need for appropriate treatment is", says Prof Studd.

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