Dementia Diagnosis - the implications

Dementia Care Specialist Dr Penny Hibberd provides expert medical guidelines for people, and their relatives worried about early signs of dementia. Caring for a person with dementia can be a very emotional experience. A form of dementia affects 800,000 people in the UK, and with an ageing population things are not getting easier. So what are the different types of dementia, how are they diagnosed and what is the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's Disease?

For people diagnosed with dementia there are a number of different treatments. These include:

  • Cholinesterase Inhibitors - there is a growing body of evidence that these drugs also slow the development of Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Maintaining a daily program of physical activity
  • Cognitive stimulation

Dr Hibberd stresses the need to asssess the ability and experience of health and care workers. She says, "always check with the service that they train their staff in dementia care, and require completion of a Disclosure and Disbarring Record check".

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